LAW UPDATE: 14 March 2024


On 12 February 2024, Domnern Somgiat & Boonma stood at the forefront of IP protection efforts in Thailand, participating in a significant IP-infringing goods destruction event. This collaborative initiative, brought together by the Thai Customs Department, the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), the Economic Crime Suppression Division (ECD), and the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB), led to the decisive destruction of 878,583 IP-infringing items. Valued at approximately USD 240,000, these goods were showcased to the IP owners and the press, crushed under a steamroller, and finally to be incinerated at an electricity-generating plant, underscoring the Thai authorities’ unwavering commitment to eradicating IP infringement.

In light of this event, DS&B emphasizes the importance of trademark recordation with the Customs Department. This process not only streamlines communication between customs officers and trademark owners or their agents but also enhances the efficiency of IP protection efforts. DS&B has a long-standing history of assisting clients across various sectors with trademark recordation services, ensuring robust protection for their intellectual property.

For those interested in fortifying their IP rights through Customs trademark recordation, or seeking to delve deeper into related matters, we invite you to explore insightful articles available on our website, including “New Customs Recordation Procedure in Thailand” and
“New Customs Department Notification on Trademark or Copyright Infringing Goods”.

For further inquiries or personalized assistance, please reach out to our dedicated team members, Rutorn Nopakun Rutorn Nopakun, Nutthakarn Phongphanpunya, and Oraphan Chayanuwat. Join us in our ongoing efforts to safeguard intellectual property rights and navigate the complexities of IP law with confidence.