Being your trustworthy partner along the journey because trademark protection can last forever

As a one-stop solution trademark law firm, we work with you as a partner in this journey from the first chapter of your brand.

If a huge part of your work is about making business decisions, ours is assisting you to make better decisions faster. For us, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to brand protection. From a startup’s brand-new product to an already established world-renowned brand, all are different in terms of business needs, budget, and, most importantly, strategy. Our seven decades of experience in trademark registration in Thailand and other IP-related fields have prepared us for these differences and our ability to apply our expertise to each case. We understand the unique characteristics of each business. This insight has steadily increased since Day One.

From registration to enforcement to commercialization, our trademark law firm makes every required step as efficient as it can be. Every word matters to save your time and budget. Every piece of communication addresses the issues, mitigates risks, and eases decision-making.

Our trademark practice group provides trademark advisory, clearance search, filing, prosecution, and renewal services. On the contentious side, we can handle opposition, cancellation, pre-litigation, and litigation cases. Seeing IP as interdisciplinary, we have established a unique team of trademark specialists, trademark attorneys, and litigators, effectively creating an expert trademark agent in Thailand. The team collaborates harmoniously to serve our clients from many industries, including pharmaceuticals, fashion goods, food and beverages, IT, social media, banking, automotive, electronics, construction, hospitality, and real estate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trademarks

As a trademark law firm, DS&B specializes in the protection and management of trademarks. We help you register, enforce, and maintain your trademarks, ensuring legal protection for your brand identity. Having a trusted law firm is essential to ease the navigation through the complexities of trademark law and safeguard your business’s intellectual property.
In Thailand, similar to other countries, trademark registration provides your business with exclusive rights to use and protect your brand name and logo. It prevents other companies or firms with comparable goods or services from copying or using your brand’s assets without permission.
The timeline for trademark registration in Thailand can vary; however, it typically takes approximately 12-18 months to complete. Our team of expert lawyers will provide you with an estimated timeframe during your consultation.
DS&B's commitment to excellence, extensive experience in various fields, and dedication to personalized service make us a top choice for trademark protection. We are your partner from the start of your trademark registration all the way to after you have successfully obtained your trademark. We prioritize your brand's success and work diligently to secure your trademarks.
To get started, simply contact us through our email, phone, or visit our office. We will work closely together to help you get a head start on the trademark registration process.
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