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Patent filing and prosecution can be a complicated process. It is a combination of legal provision, in-depth knowledge in specific fields, and the experience of how to do it right, often with the assistance of a reputable patent law firm.

Choosing to work with us means you will undoubtedly get this winning combination through our service. Our team members consist of patent attorneys and experienced patent specialists who have been handling patent prosecution in Thailand for over 30 years. Within our team, we have scientists and patent engineers who are not only rare gems in the business but also give our expertise a wide reach in patenting – from applied health science to cutting-edge science and technology. We are committed to protecting your ideas and innovations in all fields.

Patent prosecution is partly a work of art, considering its attention to detail. The success of each case also depends on the art of writing. Word choices play an important role in the level and efficiency of protection. We are well versed in the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of this process for all industries, which affords you convenience and saves you time in the long run. Before the submission of an application, if complete, the content of your creation will be attentively reviewed by both our technical specialists and patent attorneys. Our translation team is also an integral part of this process to ensure a total lack of errors in your application. During the prosecution, our assistance to you is assured until your patent expires or whether you need help in opposition, appeal, or patent litigation. This is all included in the art of our service which we offer to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Patents

Patent prosecution is the process of applying for and obtaining patents for your inventions. It is a critical step in protecting your intellectual property rights and preventing others from using your patented inventions without your permission.
In Thailand, the exact timeline for patent prosecution can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the invention and the backlog of the patent office. Typically, the entire process could take an average of 5 years, from filing to grant. This is why getting the assistance of a professional patent law firm is always recommended.
Before the submission of a complete application, our technical specialists, scientists, and patent engineers all work together with our patent attorneys to meticulously review the content of your creation to ensure its accuracy and completeness. Our translation team also plays a crucial role in eliminating errors in your application, ensuring the highest quality standards.
DS&B is a patent law firm in Thailand with over 30 years of experience in patent prosecution and unparalleled IP services. Our team consists of experienced patent attorneys and specialists who are well-versed in Thai patent law and regulations. We have a strong track record of successfully securing patents for our clients across various industries.
To get started, simply contact us through our email, phone, or visit our office. We will work closely with you to navigate the patent prosecution process effectively.
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