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Although copyright protection under Thailand’s Copyright Act does not require any registration and is automatic upon creation of a work, we still offer services to ensure your smooth copyright-related experience.

For any copyright-related issues you may have, we provide you with practical advice to properly handle them. For example, if you seek protection for your creative work, we will help you come up with a practical enforcement strategy. We can also advise on depositing your work with the Department of Intellectual Property’s Copyright Office. We can save your time in seeking the right solution.

Other Types of IP

Tailor-made protection for your tailor-made IP.

We appreciate that your IP is a unique asset. However, its uniqueness might make it difficult to enjoy protection under the conventional intellectual property laws, namely patent, trademark, copyright, and design laws. When your IP does not fit under a conventional protection scheme, it is our task to find an alternative scheme for you.

Such task requires that we analyze your asset in all aspects and develop a legal strategy that will best suit your one-of-a-kind asset. For example, if the most proper solution is a protection scheme under the trade secret law, you will be given an explanation as to why this is the right fit for your asset as well as advice on how to manage it properly. Since there is no one-size-fits-all protection for different assets, we can offer a tailor-made strategy for you.

Our expertise in this field is not limited to the usual IP protection. We can assist clients who have geographical indications (GI) as their IP assets. Apart from registering GIs with the Department of Intellectual Property for our clients, we can provide assistance in terms of coordinating with the Excise Department, the police, the Consumer Protection Commission and the IP & IT Court. Enforcing GI rights against unauthorized use of GIs as well as other geographically misleading words and symbols is a lot of detailed work. But no matter how detailed it might be, our specialization is knowing how to do it right and well.

Before providing a client with a solution, we sometimes have to look at other laws to support the use of the governing IP law to make your protection as strong as possible and best match your IP asset. Our ability to use our broad perspective in customizing protection is what your business needs. 

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