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Although copyright protection under Thailand’s Copyright Act does not require any registration and is automatic upon the creation of a work, we still offer copyright and IP attorney services to ensure your smooth experience with copyright-related matters.

For any copyright-related issues you may have, our IP lawyers in Thailand provide practical advice for you to properly handle them. For example, if you are seeking protection for your creative work, we will assist you in developing a practical enforcement strategy. As a distinguished copyright law firm in Thailand, we can also advise on depositing your work with the Department of Intellectual Property’s Copyright Office, saving you time in seeking the right solution.

Other Types of IP Attorney Service in Thailand

Tailor-made protection for your tailor-made IP.

We appreciate that your intellectual property is a unique asset. However, its uniqueness might make it difficult to enjoy protection under conventional intellectual property laws, namely patent, trademark, copyright, and design laws. When your IP does not fit under a conventional protection scheme, it is our IP attorneys’ task to find an alternative scheme for you.

Such a task requires that we analyze your asset in all aspects of IP and develop a legal strategy that will best suit your one-of-a-kind asset. For example, if the most proper solution is a protection scheme under the trade secret law, you will be given an explanation as to why this is the right fit for your asset as well as advice on how to manage it properly. Since there is no one-size-fits-all protection for different assets, our specialized IP attorneys service in Thailand can offer a tailor-made strategy for you.

Our expertise in this field extends beyond the usual IP protection. We can assist clients who have geographical indications (GI) as their IP assets. In addition to registering GIs with the Department of Intellectual Property for our clients, we can provide assistance in terms of coordinating with the Excise Department, the police, the Consumer Protection Commission, and the IP & IT Court. This includes enforcing GI rights against the unauthorized use of GIs, as well as other geographically misleading words and symbols. It involves a lot of detailed work, but our specialization lies in knowing how to handle it right and well.

Before offering a solution to a client, we professionally explore other laws to support the use of the governing IP law, ensuring the strongest possible protection and best match your IP asset. Our ability to leverage our broad perspective in customizing protection is precisely what your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright & IP Attorneys

Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection, conferring upon its original author the exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, adapt, publicly display, and perform their creative works. Under copyright law, a work is considered original if the owner generates it from unique, original thoughts, devoid of any duplications, and is commonly referred to as an “Original Work of Authorship” (OWA). Examples of unique creations include art, novels, poetry, musical lyrics and compositions, computer software, graphic designs, film, architectural designs, and website content.

The creators, as the rightful authors of their works, automatically hold copyright to their creations, which in turn prohibits unauthorized use or replication by others. Should authors wish to safeguard their creative works, they have the option to voluntarily register their works with the Department of Intellectual Property. This proactive measure facilitates the resolution of potential disputes and strengthens their legal standing.
An intellectual property attorney, commonly referred to as an “IP attorney,” is a legal professional who specializes in the field of intellectual property law. They assume a pivotal role in aiding individuals and organizations to protect, enforce, and manage their intellectual property rights. The role and responsibilities of an IP attorney can range from assisting clients navigate through various forms of IP laws, providing legal advice and guidance on intellectual property matters, negotiating legal documents related to intellectual property, representing clients in litigation, arbitration, or mediation, conducting due diligence, and more.

 As a prominent law firm in Thailand, DS&B’s team of accomplished IP lawyers in Thailand offers specialized services in intellectual property protection, which is much needed in the present world.
If your business requires expert guidance in navigating the complexities of copyright and intellectual property laws, Domnern Somgiat & Boonma stands ready to assist you at every stage, ensuring informed and justifiable decision-making. ensuring that your decisions are well-informed and justifiable.
With a history spanning seventy-six years, we are a longstanding legal firm specializing in intellectual property protection, dedicated to helping you safeguard your valuable assets. We understand that trust is built over time, and our team, comprising thoughtful minds and seasoned veterans, is committed to providing you with unparalleled one-stop IP attorney services.
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