LAW UPDATE: 31 October 2023


In late September, Domnern Somgiat & Boonma had the distinct privilege of participating in the Patent E-Filing Workshop, a pivotal event hosted by the Thai Patent Agents Society (TPAS). TPAS, founded in 2023, is a community of patent practitioners in Thailand with a mission to elevate the recognition of this profession within the legal and scientific spheres while fostering collaboration with stakeholders from both the private and public sectors to advance Thailand’s patent system.

Held at Panjathani Conference Center in Bangkok, this event drew a substantial gathering of over 75 attendees, predominantly comprised of patent practitioners from leading firms in Thailand. The workshop served as a dynamic platform for in-depth discussions on the e-filing system and its practical implications.

Domnern Somgiat & Boonma, honored to participate both as the attendees and speakers, contributed significantly to the event’s success. Representing our firm, Niengrithai Wong-Samang and Kanyaphak Fakthong commenced the workshop by sharing invaluable insights on the utilization, practicality, and challenges associated with the e-filing system, drawing from their extensive experience. This informative session sparked engaging exchanges of ideas among the speakers, attendees, and officials from the Patent Office, fostering an environment ripe for the system’s continued development.

The workshop continued with a distinguished panel of officials, including Saksant Boonsuwan, Former Director of Patent Office, Vichit Phadthaisong, Head of Engineering Group at the Patent Office, and Nattapon Sangwarn, Examiner of the Electrical and Digital Group at the Patent Office. They delved into the past, present, and future of patent filings and examination in Thailand. The panel also emphasized the manifold benefits of the e-filing system and offered a comprehensive outlook on its evolution, further illuminating its transformative potential within the industry.

As the event concluded, the speakers and attendees alike seized the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and networking sessions with snacks and refreshing drinks, underscoring the spirit of collaboration that lies at the core of TPAS’ mission. Domnern Somgiat & Boonma is committed to supporting TPAS and its mission to promote the patent system in Thailand. We believe that the Patent E-Filing Workshop was a successful step in this direction, and we are eager to contribute to future events.

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