LAW UPDATE: 13 September 2023


Monday, 24 July was a day of celebration and significance for the Intellectual Property Association of Thailand (IPAT) as it reached a remarkable milestone – its 50th Anniversary. This momentous occasion brought together IPAT, Domnern Somgiat & Boonma (DS&B), and nearly 200 enthusiastic participants. Notably, eleven lawyers from DS&B, including four partners, were among the jubilant attendees.

The celebration was more than just an anniversary; it was an opportunity to delve into the rich history of IPAT and its pivotal role in enhancing intellectual property protection within Thailand. For the DS&B team, this event held a special place as it fostered a deep sense of kinship with IPAT.

The depth of this connection is truly remarkable, for Ina Wilhelmina Jorgensen, a founding partner of DS&B, a venerable law firm with a 76-year legacy, was not only instrumental in shaping DS&B’s distinguished history but also stood as one of the trailblazing founders of IPAT. Boonma Tejavanija, a distinguished long-serving partner at DS&B, played a pivotal role in propelling the firm to the forefront of IP laws and practices in Thailand. His legacy extends further, as he also held the prestigious position of former President of IPAT, making significant contributions to the vibrant Thai IP community. The enduring dedication of these two luminaries to both DS&B and IPAT has forged an indelible and profound bond, echoing their commitment to advancing intellectual property in Thailand and beyond.

Further reinforcing this connection is Apiwatt Kongsoowan, who is currently serving as the Vice President of IPAT since 2022. He has dedicated an impressive ten years of service within IPAT. His continued involvement exemplifies DS&B’s unwavering commitment to advancing intellectual property protection in Thailand.

The significance of intellectual property in Thailand is witnessing a steady ascent, mirroring IPAT’s consistent growth and its expanding support for intellectual property matters, not only within the nation but also on a global scale. As we celebrate 50 years of IPAT, we reflect on the past, honor those who laid the foundation, and look forward to the continued growth and importance of intellectual property in this vibrant nation.