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Industrial Product



Kind :        Inventions and designs

Duration : Inventions 20 years, designs 10 years, from date of application   in Thailand


Kind :        Inventions

Duration : 6 years, renewable twice for 2 years each, from date of application in Thailand

APPLICANT : Inventor or assignee

NOVELTY : Not publicly known or used in Thailand or published abroad. For inventions (patents and petty patents), no corresponding foreign application filed more than 18 months before the Thai application.

Exception : unlawful disclosure or disclosure at an official exhibition or by the inventor within 12 months prior to the Thai application.

UNPATENTABLE INVENTIONS : Naturally occurring microorganisms and their components, animals, plants, animal and plant extracts (but processes are patentable), computer programs, methods of diagnosis or treatment of human and animal diseases (but those applying to plant diseases are patentable).

PRIORITY : Priority can be claimed from a basic application filed in any other country no more than six months prior to the filing date of the Thai application by the applicant, provided that the country of nationality of the application is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).